CDChallenge: Maori Warrior


On reading up on the Maori culture I found that, sadly, they would control the sex ratios within the tribe so females were more likely to be killed at birth as the tribes needed more males to become warriors.

My girl has managed to survive as her father, a trusted and respected member of the tribe, managed to convince the chief that he had seen in the stars that his daughter would be essential to the survival of the tribe in years to come. She has spent her whole life trying to prove that she was just as good, if not better than, any man in the tribe, as she is adamant she will not let her father down. She is agile, and always underestimated by the enemy, so makes for a formidable warrior. She’s incredibly cheeky and is always playing pranks on the younger men who she knows will not be able to prove that she was behind the pranks. She carries an ornate wooden dagger that her father had carved for her for her 12th birthday and she is also very aware that her father’s prophecy about her had been entirely fabricated and that it was up to her to prove her worth to the tribe. Survivors of her attacks report that the murdered men had been swooped upon by a great plume of black smoke, with eyes as bright as the heavens and teeth as white as the sea spray, who evaporated into thin air before they had even a chance to gasp and who was, like smoke, impossible to catch. So she is fondly nicknamed Kauruki, the Maori word for smoke.

Characters are something I really struggle with so I decided to just do quick sketches of her poses, any critique and help is welcomed !


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