Boomf & Blue Zoo!

Yesterday I travelled to London as a finalist in Boomf’s Art of Mallow competition. I arrived in the SUPER trendy Exmouth Market and made my way into boomf’s office which is probably my ideal type of office – really industrial chic and bright and airy (I could see myself working there). I got to chat to all the other finalists, who were perhaps some of the nicest people I’ve ever met and all so talented. We each got a turn being interviewed by the judges discussing our designs before we headed to the roof to sip on Pimm’s and eat sandwiches (whilst looking over the London Skyline!).
Boomf (8)
After mingling and chatting to a whole host of lovely people that are involved with boomf the winner was announced. We each had to open a box and release the balloon inside. The balloon with the longest string was the winner. Naturally the wind picked up half the balloons and blew them off over rooftops but luckily I grabbed hold of mine and it had a GOLD string! I had won. I was so shocked and excited, especially with the amazing designs I had been up against.

Boomf (10)

Boomf (15)

I now get to spend an internship at Boomf this Summer and have my designs featured on their website for all you wonderful people to buy! It’s the most amazing start to my career and I can’t believe I am so lucky to be able to get my designs out into the world in such a fantastic and innovative way. I mean can you get cooler than marshmallows!?

Boomf (17)
I headed back to the bus station to travel home at about 5.30pm. On arriving at the bus station I checked my email and found that I had been offered a job as a Concept Artist at Blue Zoo. Firstly Blue Zoo is one of my favourite companies and secondly I never in a million years believed I could get a Concept Artist role straight out of Uni, let alone for one of my favourite companies! The whole day was seeming more and more like a dream. I am hoping that I will be able to do both internship and job!

What I find amazing is I began my day telling James Middleton (co-founder of Boomf), Nick Jenkins (founder of Moonpig and current Dragon on Dragon’s Den) and Veronica Dearly (illustrator) that my dream jobs were Illustrator and Concept Artist and that I ended the day being both of those things. It is truly amazing how the world works sometimes and I feel like the luckiest person alive right now!

Boomf (14)


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