Daily Spitpaint – “River Festival”

30 minute drawing for Daily Spitpaint under the topic “River Festival”. This was fun, but stressful! So difficult to get the cube lanterns looking good in under 30 minutes, so I panic scribbled alot and they turned out odd shapes. Would love to develop this one into a more concise final piece, but sometimes I wonder whether the messy nature of my speedpaints adds something to them. Let me know what you think!

river festival blog


4 thoughts on “Daily Spitpaint – “River Festival”

  1. I think your ‘panic scribbling’ works beautifully in this image — the different lantern shapes look like they’re bobbing about on the water (I’m not sure it would have quite the same sense of movement if they were more regular). Or maybe I just love ‘messy’ art : )

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