printscreen open credits

I’m currently working on a short film for a University Innovations project. I’m creating the film entirely myself and it consists of hand cut paper environments with projected animations. I’ve created it in a style very similar to my illustrations I post, so I how that the silhouetted quality of the paper and the simplistic movement will bring my drawings alive. Here’s a screengrab of my opening titles and another of me hand cutting the paper environments over the Christmas holidays. I should be completed by March, so look out for my post soon!



2 thoughts on “Pharology

  1. Hey, I just searched “motion graphics” on wordpress and come across this post. I’m yet to look at your other posts but I really like the look of the Pharology text & description you have done, you are right when you say cutting the paper brings it to life.

    I look forward to seeing the completed film.

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