Bill Block progress …

A summary of the current stage of Bill Block. This is the current character design for Bill that I’m happy with, but not 100% about. I will hopefully keep developing it once I have the opinion of our tutor (who is yet to be decided). I’m also designing some food (my favourite part!) for props. It’s nice having a “style” to try fit within; it’s making me really think at each stage whether my design still fits in the 1960 aesthetics and making me really try to take elements of 1960s illustrations and inserting them into my designs (like Bill’s high up eyes –  a feature of Miroslav Sasek’s illustrations from the 60s).

BILL_watermark FOOD_watermark


2 thoughts on “Bill Block progress …

  1. Hi Izzy,
    the pictures are nice.
    How do you make the painty head? (top right of the character sketches). Are you using a paintbrush, or is it computer?

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