Self-Portrait (half done)

I realise this is really creepy looking, but I can’t get the pupils or the hair or the neck looking right; the moment I add them it doesn’t look like me anymore. This kind of looks like me. I wanted to try doing something more realistic with this new geometric style I’ve been trying out. I quite like it, so I guess it worked okay … another one to practice!



2 thoughts on “Self-Portrait (half done)

  1. Creepy, indeed. It reminds me of a Dr Who episode with a face living on a stretched frame. You are emerging from the wall paint:P Could be creepier. I know your problem. I mean, I’ve been there. I’ve erased and ruined so many faces trying to get the details right.

    You could turn this into a computer animation if it’s digitized. Your face could be the greeter to some website or exhibit.

    “Welcome to Art de Izzy. I will be your guide to the gallery.”

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