My little brother is a Watch fanatic, and now owns his own Watch business. I had this idea to make a video of the different parts of the watch, and seeing as I’m trying to get my head around Illustrator and After Effects it seemed like something that might benefit us both. So I asked him what watch he’d like it to be based on and he chose his current favourite watch in his collection – The Rolex Day-Date. I studied SO many photos and videos of various Rolex’s being taken apart, and as most Rolex’s have the same movement just different faces and outer casing I managed to create fairly realistic parts in a fairly realistic order … however this ISN’T an exact dissection of a Rolex Day-Date.

*It’s not 100% how I’d like it to be, I would love to slow down the motion a bit, but my laptop is absolutely rubbish and barely handled creating this, and I’m not sure I could put it through rendering it out again*



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