Summer treats and Major Project sneak peek

It seems to be a reoccurring thing that every Summer, if I have some money left over from Uni, that I treat myself to something. Last year it was a rather pointless explosion of clothes … this year I’ve opted for a year’s subscription of National Geographic Magazine and a Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens. I bought the camera lens today so shall get going with some more photography later this week when it arrives.

OpeningTitleI’ve also started work on my major project pitch for 3rd year as we have to pitch the first week back at Uni in September/October. I have pieced together the audio and have started the animatic, and hope to fit in a bit of character design and concept design for it as well before the Summer is over. Check out my Pinterest mood board for the project here – Major Project Mood Board  – and I have also added a frame from the animatic below as well as the opening title above.

shot8iOn top of all this I hope to get Digital Tutors for a month to learn more about After Effects and Mari, and to learn Adobe Illustrator and Cinema4D … this all stems from a sudden desire to be a Motion Graphics Artist and the fact that I’m very aware that this time next year I will be after a job, and I need a bit more knowledge on some (most aha!) of the software.

Also I received my University second year results last week and I passed 2nd year with a First! I was over the moon, so definitely think treating myself to National Geographic magazine and a new camera lens was justified!


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