The Cargo Waif

I had an idea whilst listening to music on the train yesterday of a girl who lived on her own in a cargo container port. She’d run around like an aeroplane and climb the containers, like they were her kingdom. She lit candles at night in mismatched jars and made paper aeroplanes. She threw stones off the pier and was happy until she realised she was alone.

cargo concept watermark

The rabbit is to represent the little boy in the story that will arrive later on. Basically their imagination allows them to see more than usual. The boy will wear a rabbit hat and appears to the girl to be surrounded by, and followed by, thousands of bunnies. The girl to the boy is surrounded by hovering paper aeroplanes that swoop around her.

Not the most accurate drawing as I didn’t use references and everything is straight from my head, but hopefully it gets the idea across.


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