Specialist Project

Project Aims:  The aim of this project is to design a futuristic building that solves a real life problem, using inspiration from sci-fi concept art and modern architecture to create a building that is useful as well as visually appealing and strikingly modern. The building will take some fantastical elements of sci-fi concept art but will be designed so as if it was going to be built. During the project I will create a simple 3D model that will be fully textured to help represent the design of the building in 3D space, and use this model to help in the design process to identify any design flaws.

Initial Designs


Making use of unused space seemed to be the key to my designs. I also began to realise that I always gravitated to designs that were somewhat based around nature in appearance or functionality. Nature, of course, has evolved over time to function specifically for its habitat and I believe a lot can be learnt from it. Weaver’s nests, wasp nest hanging off overhangs, beaver damns, spider webs filling spaces between 2 objects, leaves, all these things helped me begin to form my designs, along with constant referral to the sci-fi concept art to make sure my design still retained some science fiction feel to it and remained futuristic looking.


feng keret hhouse squeeze undulating shapes zaha hadid inspiration

More Designs

Below is a design of a futuristic church. I wanted to design it into a space in an existing street and used art from the Star Wars Concept Art book to inspire the design. However this design didn’t have any eco-friendly qualities, which I think will be essential for future buildings.

modern day church

Below is a design I did using inspiration from concept art shown. This design to me is less realistic as I can’t imagine it being built in the near future, it’s rooted more in the fantasy world. However the heavy armoured nature of it may make it useful for future desert dwellings where residents would need to be protected from heat and sand storms. Perhaps designing an additional subterranean extension to keep away from the heat of the day even more. I imagine the buildings being made out a reflective or white material to reflect as much sun light and heat away as possible.


Below is a design for an ocean apartment building based on the design of a buoy. The building would ideally use the force of the ocean currents and tides to power the entire habitat.

buoyFinal Design

1 watermarkIn a leaf shape to represent its eco-friendly ethics and also to provide the organic undulating shapes that I loved so much in my research of both concept art and contemporary architecture, the building towers over the existing city, thus preserving current architecture. It features solar panels for energy and a greenhouse so that the residents of the building can be self-sufficient. With an interesting silhouette and the potential answer for city expansion, my only problem is how the buildings below would be in shadow (however this could be solved by adding light wells in the grass to represent leaf pores whilst letting sunlight through). I decided to pick this design because it fulfilled all the criteria I wanted – it looked good, it looked modern, it had a striking and instantly recognizable silhouette, it was eco-friendly, had some element of self-sufficiency, preserved current architecture, and answered the problem .

3D model

final design

closeup15 panelling photoshop2 closeup19 photoshop1 closeup18 closeup14 closeup12 closeup9 closeup8 closeup7 closeup2 closeup3 closeup6 photoshop3

Final Changes and Considerations in 2D (using 3D renders)

Nightnight timeColourombreChanges

changes changes again



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