Being creative since forever …

cuteI couldn’t resist posting this photo that I found on my laptop earlier and posted to my instagram. It’s a picture of  my older sister and I on a family holiday to Devon, I think. It’s one of many photos that I’m starting to realise features me writing. I just completed one of those funny Facebook online quizzes and it was about what job you should have and I thought this will be interesting( as I’m mathematical as well as artist and creative). It came out saying that I should be a Writer. Now I’m not one to take Facebook quizzes seriously but it got me thinking about how that’s what I’ve always been doing. There’s a photo on my fridge at parent’s home where I’m lying on the grass, with our pet rabbit, writing in a book, I was 8. There’s a photo of me when part of our house was demolished to make way for an extension and we were allowed to draw on the walls and I’ve written out an entire story and you can just see the “Once upon a time …” followed by lines and lines of writing, I was 7. I keep finding journals and random short stories in notebooks in my room at home. Nowerdays I’m pretty much the same, I’m always coming up with ideas for animation projects or illustration projects. And I love this part of me that wants to write and I just hope one day, when my artist skill has improved, that I can write and illustrate a story for children. And maybe one day even have the skill to write a book for adults.


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