Drawing my dreams …

I’m a dreamer. In more than one sense of the word.

I’ve always had vivid dreams, and assumed that was normal, that everyone had dreams like that … until I started telling people about some of the crazier ones and realising I may be one of the lucky few people that remember at least 4 dreams every night. Not only do I remember them but I have bizarrely creative dreams … full stories, full films, with text and odd view points. The dreams aren’t always from my POV … sometimes I’m literally a camera in a film filming aspects from above, below. I’ve started writing a dream diary where I record each dream, if I remember to in the morning, and I recently decided it would be fun to start visually representing some of them. It was alot harder than I thought as dreams have that quality where you know exactly what each element means even if there isn’t all the detail … so I’d have images of a Gaudi style sea shell church, but not enough detail to draw it, so I tried to pick the dreams or parts of the dreams that I had enough grip on to draw.

Front Cover back cover healer whole castle adjustable charlie door


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