Happy Mother’s Day

I am truly thankful for having a mom that has made me so observant of the world around me. I may be one of the computer generation and on a computer oriented course at University, BUT I am truly the most observant person I know.


My friends laugh when I always point out squirrels. When someone says ‘Hey there’s a crow’ I say ‘No that’s a Jackdaw, Crow’s have white beaks’. My mom has taught me the names of so many animals, birds, flowers and trees. I’m excited when I’m on the train and it slows down enough to see mice scrambling up the embankments. When I walk around Winton at night I always stop and watch the foxes creep up the roads. Wildlife makes me smile, those precious moments that only you notice and it’s like a secret. My mom has made me so observant that I can tell when the seasons change by the temperature of the air, the colour of the sky and the smell of the fields. The sun makes me happy. The colour of the sky at sunset makes me want to paint them into a picture so I can keep them. The different shapes of clouds amaze me. I am glad that I’m the type of person that notices these things, and I feel almost sad that some people go day to day without noticing how amazing and beautiful the world is around them. One of the many reasons I am thankful for my mom.



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