BFX Initial Ideas

So I’m hoping this Summer to get into the BFX competition. Firstly I have to find myself a team … I have 3 people on my team so far, including myself, and we need between 4 and 6 team members to apply. We apply by posting a pitch of our ideas, concept art, storyboards, animatic etc etc … and then we have to hope we get picked, as lots of people apply and only 10 teams get through to actually compete in the competition. It’s an amazing opportunity to work with industry professionals and to create a short animation piece with a group of students. I’ve started jotting down my concept ideas and the first few are below. My idea is based around one of the screenplays we were giving as starting points that depicts a War of the Worlds style piece where there is an abandoned house and outside the horizon is burning and everything is destroyed and abandoned. Decided to do this from the point-of-view of a mouse … enter macro photos and abandoned houses …

coin dusty perfumewatermark

Currently I’m in search of someone to do Lighting and Rendering, so if you are an Animation student or a recent Animation graduate who knows a thing or two about Lighting and Rendering give me a shout!!


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