University Character and Environment Design Assignment

environIteration_16aI’ve been busy busy busy, and realised it’s been far too long since I posted regularly. BUT with lots of arty assignments, the fact I’ve signed up to be a pre-productions artist on a team for a Animation Festival AND that I’ve sworn to draw everyday means I should have some interested posts for you guys (though it all depends if I deem them good enough!).

Handing this assignment in on Friday but thought it would be nice to share some of the elements of the assignment on here, only some as I’m not 100 % proud of every element.

My character … Monsieur Pierre Pompeux …

final character design characterExpressions characterPoses_1 characterPoses_2

dogdone personality profile2

Stages of Environment Design ….

environment iteration 3 environment iteration 3 colour progress progress2 environIteration_7

I won’t show you all 10 iterations, but here’s the final environment …


And including the character ….

Final Enviornment and Charactersynopsis


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