doodling away …


I’m stuck in my flat in Bournemouth with no one around … it should in theory help me to revise, but I absolutely hate it. I love being at home and being able to chat to a member of my family whenever I want. The maths revision is too boring to me, I’ve learnt this maths before so there is no challenge and nothing making me want to revise. So I play around on this new program I downloaded and sketch a few things. When ever I doodle I doodle clothes and people … I realise in our lectures everyone doodles, and they doodle whatever they are best at drawing and what interests them … robots, dinosaurs … I doodle clothes, which makes me miss Textiles lesson in A Level. I mean sewing always stressed me out, but I loved to create clothes and create a sketch book of ideas and samples. So here’s a little doodle I did just now, to keep me from going insane, cooped up in my flat.



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