The Great Gatsby and good tea.

So on Thursday me and Charlie went to Cheltenham to have a rather nice day out seeing The Great Gatsby. We didn’t book early enough so panicked when the Cineworld was sold out apart from a late showing. So instead we when to the Screening Rooms a luxury cinema next door to the normal Cineworld and paid what was only a few pounds more combined to sit on giant leather chairs and be served by a waiter. So Charlie rushed off to buy the tickets whilst I headed to Huffkins to order us some tea and cake, for breakfast, before we went to see the film.


Huffkins has always been a favourite of my families, and we normally go to the one in Burford, but there’s one in Cheltenham now too. I enjoyed a pot of ‘proper’ tea, and one of their award winning brownies, whilst Charlie had Fentiman’s Victorian Lemonade and a huge Chelsea Bun. I was wearing a new dress that I’d bought in TKMaxx earlier this week and a blue denim jacket from boohoo, my white Lacoste pumps,  plus my favourite silver leaf earrings from Accessorize. After a delicious breakfast/tea break Charlie went off to buy some stationary he needed and I spent a while browsing through Waterstones … I always seem to end up in the Children’s section looking at all the new Children’s illustrated books. I found a book illustrated by Jon Klassen by written by Lemony Snicket, an author who wrote the Series of Unfortunate Events that I read from cover to cover when I was younger, called ‘The Dark’. I also looked at a book called ‘Black Dog’ by Levi Pinfold which featured a dog not unlike my Scottish Deerhound Alfie. As always I was drawn to the ‘This is … ‘ series by M.Sasek, I’m pretty sure they are my favourite type of illustrations and only wish I could produce things like that!

After browsing and purchasing Dan Brown’s new book Inferno (I’m a bit of a sucker for codes and history) we headed off to The Screening Rooms to see Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby.


The film was amazing, we saw it in 3D which I was dubious about but it really gave it that extra kick … it was brilliant in the shots where you zoomed through New York or one of the parties. Visually it was beautiful so vibrant and fun, and the costumes were fantastic. It made you want to live in the 1920’s and the whole thing was finished off perfectly by the soundtrack which featured modern songs even ‘No Church in the Wild’ by Jay-Z and Kanye West, but all the songs were tweaked to sound more fitting for the era. I’d definitely recommend going to see it on the big screen! It was like stepping back in time and you really felt as if you were there.


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