Enjoying life …


I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying life right now. I love how busy I am. I love that I’m writing posts and running a blog for the Fresh Air Sculpture show as one of my duties as Assistant Curator, I love that my ideas to help the show are being grateful received. I think I just love promoting an event, and writing up about the sculptures and artists, and I hope that I will be able to interview a few people for the blog. I love that I’m creating inspiration boards and other graphic design style bits and bobs for my sister at The Natural Wedding Company, and I love that people that work for amazing businesses and websites like Etsy like what I’ve created. I love that I’m illustrating a children’s book, and communicating with an author on how to best showcase her story. I love spending hours drawing to create a beautiful finished scene.

I think I just love all the creative things, and feeling business-y by being trusted to promote and design things for events, businesses and people. I love that people like my work, and that I feel like my skills have a place in the world, or will do one day/ The only thing that could top it all off is if I was doing more photography – I need to find myself some willing models.

Here have some pancakes.


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