Lots of work …

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in a month! I have so much going on at the moment. I’m trying to finish all my University Assignments on time and then I need to start revising for exams. In between though I’ve been doing a few little things that hopefully I’ll share soon … I’ve been:

  • illustrating Houses for a eco project in Lymm, Chesire
  • drawing up a doll created by a student teacher at my mom’s school for her thesis for her University course

I’ve also just received a phone call from a lady that knows my dad’s friend, who needs an illustrator to illustrate the children’s book she’s written. She wanted someone local who knew the area, the Cotswolds, well. It’s such a great opportunity but I know it’s a daunting task! I hope that I can produce some drawings that she likes, and that my style is what she’s looking for. I often worry about whether my style will suit children’s books and just hope she won’t hesitate to tell me if it doesn’t suit her book. I’m am so happy to be given these opportunities though.

I promise to post more soon, just have to get these assignments out of the way!


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