Assistant Curator …

Today was a kind-of introduction to my internship with Ana Bianchi at the Fresh Air Sculpture show run by Quenington Sculpture Trust. It was great to meet the people involved in the process from the photographer and designer of the catalog, to the sculpture artists themselves. I spent the day phoning artists, digging holes for sculptures, chatting with the photographer Steve Russell and getting valuable advice, and discovering what inspired some of the Sculptures that were up for the catalog photoshoot. There was a great textile and glass sculpture being installed by Carole Waller, and it was great to find out about her inspiration for her piece named ‘Station’ which everyone can view once the show opens in June. We had a lovely lunch cooked by organiser of the house Sandy, and battled through the snowy, and extremely cold, weather. My internship starts mainly in June when most of the sculptures arrive for installation, and my job entitles everything from cleaning and maintaining sculptures, to leading groups of people around. I’m thoroughly looking forward to seeing how everything comes together, and will be training up for lifting of heavier sculptures! And guess what, I keep being referred to as ‘Assistant Curator’! How important that sounds!

I will also soon be starting a blog specifically for my work at the Fresh Air show, so look out for a link nearer June!


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