Cinematography work for Uni …

So none of these are the best, I’m not great at the whole storyboard thing. But I thought I better show what’s been taking up all my time recently.

concept 3

We had to produce 2 storyboards, with a concept design each. One storyboard was based on someone coming to my University for the first time for an interview, and the other was waiting at home for the phone call about the results of the interview. The above is my concept for the first storyboard.


This is one of the frames of the second storyboard. This is after two shots where the first shows the mother with the father in the background, the it zooms in on the father reading his newspaper and looking at his watch with the boy in the background, then it gets to this shot where it zooms to see the boy but the father’s watch is still present to emphasise the wait.


Another frame from the second storyboard when the boy rushes to answer the phone. The kitchen with the mother and father is visible in the background. Oh and we weren’t allowed facial expressions so excuse the rather scary blank faces.

Tedious, tedious work.


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