For those other times …

Hey everyone, just writing to say I’m ridiculously busy at the moment with assignments for University … and alot of it is art related so I don’t really have time or mind set to do my own arty things. I therefore would like to direct you to my inspiration blog on tumblr, where I reblog and post photos of everything I find beautiful, essentially. So go take a look –

I would also like to say that I finish my first year of University on the 31st May (my final exam), and that I then have a whole year of doing arty things, and extravagant ones at that. I hope to be oil painting, designing, selling things on a little Etsy shop. So I will of course post as often as possible, but I will be all yours come June … that’s is I’m not ridiculously busy with my internship at Fresh Air 2013 (sculpture show in the Cotswolds) – which I will also keep you informed about.

Love xo


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