Paintings I admire.


I find these style of paintings absolutely gorgeous … the worst thing is I don’t know who the artists are that painted them! (So if anyone knows, let me know so I can credit them). I found these images on general searching through tumblr where no one seems to (infuriatingly) credit anyone’s work. I love the use of such bold colour. In the first image I love how it takes a minute or so for you to really see all of the painting, as bits of it keep appearing before your eye – I love this clever hiding of elements and distorting them with colour to merge with the background.


I love the contrast of the gorgeous pastel top half of this painting with the really dark areas. The messiness and lines make it look like a mountain range with an erupting volcano in the centre. However I’m sure the painting could also be interpreted as a violent ocean scene. I think I like the messiness of these paintings, because I’ve always made things neat and I’m gradually these days settling for wonky scribbly lines.


This painting perhaps has the prettiest colours, and looking at it makes me in some ways think of a futuristic landscape in the clouds, in others a cave filled with water reflecting the ceiling with sharp jagged crystal filled rocks.


This final painting has a much more limited palette in contract to the others, and softer, less violent one too. The pastel colours work nicely with the few sudden splashes of neon pink and pure black.

I absolutely love these style of paintings!


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