Becoming Ketchup and the Golden Snitch …


So I was always one for homemade, cheap, out-of-the-box costume ideas. My old Sixth Form would have two fancy dress fundraising days a year, and I would rifle through my wardrobe to find things I could use.

Costume One: Ketchup

I had realised that I owned a full red clothed outfit, and a white bobble hat, so I thought why not ketchup … better than the generic Devil or something else vulgar. So I spent several days painting an almost exact replica of a Ketchup Bottle, and even made a neck piece like they have on the neck of ketchup bottles. I think it turned out quite successful in the end, and definitely got alot of attention from the younger year groups.



Costume Two: The Golden Snitch

This was for Sports Relief so we had to come in a sports related costume … me and my friend Jo are fans of Harry Potter and thought Quidditch definitely sufficed as a sport … So I became the Golden Snitch and she became a Gryffindor Quidditch player. I had a gold leotard from a dance show and made a sign that said ‘I Open at the Close’ which is what is written on the snitch in the final Harry Potter book ‘The Deathly Hallows’. I covered myself in gold face paint, and drew silver lines on my face, to represent the lines of the snitch, in silver glitter eyeliner. And of course the gold hair spray! Itchy and hot on a summer’s day.


So don’t hesitate to think out of the box with Halloween or fundraising costumes, normally you’ll be able to create something at a much cheaper price than buying a costume new!


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