Posters for a local pub.

george poster

I was asked to create two posters for a local pub in the Cotswolds called the Old George Inn … I was very flattered that someone had recommended me as the person to ask (as getting a reputation is something I need!). One poster was for an Open Mic night, in the info they gave me to include in the poster they had said, ‘Turn up, Plug in, Play.’ and I thought that that would make a brilliant main catch line for the event. I tested out some things with the colours purple and black for the poster, but it didn’t look great, so using some textures I created an oldfashioned paper look … which now looking at the poster could make it part of an Old Western Film aha!

george poster2

This was the other poster I created, it was for a Fundraising day for Help the Heroes and Macmillan Cancer Support in memory of a local of the village called Jim. Again I tried many things out but wanted to incorporate the pub itself into the picture, so did the illustration of it on a golfing green as that was one of the activities taking place. Adding the information in the clouds just seemed like a fun way to emphasis the information. The whole piece reminds me of one of my favourite Pixar films ‘Up’.


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