The Natural Wedding Company – Real Brides

emm and chris tnwc3

My big sister runs The Natural Wedding Company , an online directory for couples to search for Eco-Friendly, Seasonal, Vintage or Handmade items, venues, clothing, food, drink etc for their upcoming weddings. She’s always tried to encourage my aspirations, and she asked me to draw some illustrations of the couples she was inviting to her website to talk about their plans for their weddings. The first blog post is up today, featuring Emma and Chris above! Click Here to see it. I love creating illustrations so it’s great to be featured on a big website, I guess it is all about who you know! I really wanted to make the people quite simple, but to try capture certain aspects of their faces to make them look like themselves. The border was created on what their wedding would be like. Emma and Chris are very much country people, and their wedding is going to have a quite relaxed festival vibe – hence the wellies!

More illustrations will be featured soon, with different couples, one where I’ve even drawn their dog! So keep a look out.

I would love feedback on what anyone thinks, as I might start trying to create these for people to actually use in their wedding stationary etc, or just as maybe designs for Christmas cards. So please drop me a comment.


One thought on “The Natural Wedding Company – Real Brides

  1. Hi Izzy,
    The drawings are lovely! Im planning my wedding for 2014 & think a picture like that would be such a lovely pressie or keepsake, id even be tempted to treat us to one as a keepsake after the day. The border & additional details make them really fun & personalised. You should defo push them as presents, stationary etc, i think they would go down really well.
    Good luck! I may be back in touch with an order in 2014 😉

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