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This is a small part of my Pre-Productions assignment for University that I did last term. We had to create ideas for a 16 sec animation, and this was my page for the character and scenery design. Just thought you’d like to see what I’d been up to. We originally had to pick from 3 words : Maplefish, Moonrot or Sugarfly … and create a mood board relating to those words – I picked Maplefish, and adapted the story to feature two Canadian fishermen. Then each week we had to develop it further, creating and designing a storyboard, characters, timing, script, props etc. I liked doing it, and what I loved best was at the end putting all my work together on a PDF, and making everything look nice together. That’s when I added the old paper behind the characters because it seemed to stop the expanse of white space. I definitely think I need a job in making things look nice together 😛


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