This is my favourite coat … for a long time after I bought it I didn’t really like it, which seems to be an reoccurring event with me purchasing coats: I hate them for atleast a year then absolutely love them. I got this coat in 2007, so it’s getting pretty old now, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. It fits me perfect now which makes me think it must of been huge when I got it when I was 14, as that was before my huge growth spurt! The coat is a brand called Miss Posh, which I haven’t seen anywhere else, but I bought it in my favourite treasure chest store TKMaxx … which has been a favourite shop of my families since we lived in America … where I believe it’s called TJMaxx. My jumper is my boyfriend Charlie’s … it was too big for him, but made for an amazing oversized jumper for me. It’s quite thing but just perfect and quite elegant really with skinny jeans, and obviously has the added sentimentality of belonging to Charlie. Then we come to my beautiful earrings … handmade beaded earrings by BeadsCorner on ebay. I recommend having a look at their shop as they sell some great things for great prices. I love these earrings because they mean I can wear a dark outfit, like this black jumper etc, and they bring that bright flash of colour … I guess they are a little over the top, but that’s why they are so brilliant!


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