Favourite Vogue ‘Street Chic’ look from December’12 and January’13.

favourite vogue looks dec12-jan13 take 2

It’s times like these that I pray that one day I have a huge income. I pour over the online shopping websites, turning away from even the £5 sale items because I literally can’t afford to be at University and have the clothes I’d like, but that’s understandable. Though some of these ‘Street Chic’ participants above are students, who somehow have manage to get ahold of beautifully expensive designer items – oh to be them. However I am adamant that one day I’ll have that elegant designer wardrobe … though I do like making beautiful clothes out of nothing, customizing them or pairing them with other items to make them look like they are worth more. Some of the Street Chic outfits I looked through had items from Primark as well as Alexander McQueen, and the outfits looked flawless. I feel like one day when I have that high paying London job (I hope to god I do) that I’ll be able to get away with the high heel boots and more out-there but still elegant designer clothes, as I feel like my fellow students may find it comical to see an Animation Student clacking around in nice Radley boots and an Acne neon jumper. But for now I’ll make do with my well-ish sized wardrobe of quite nice items, and spend my time following fashion bloggers and Vogue and being ever envious of everything I see.



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