Cute felt animals on Etsy.

photo 1

I love discovery cute, beautiful and unique things on Etsy. I came across these gorgeous handmade felt animals the other day, made by Mount Royal Mint. Made out of soft wool felt these animals are a tiny 3 x 3 inches. photo 2

I love the little scarf this teddy has, but I also love it for the background it is photographed in. I could imagine these photos of the felt animals being made into pictures for a children’s 3

This one is called the ‘Big Yellow Spirit Bear’ and I love the little details and the mushroom he’s with!photo 4

Another Spirit Bear with one of my favourite animals, that I have illustrated before, the Narwhal. Narwhals to me are the pinnacle of living mythical creatures, with their unicorn like horns they do look like they belong in a fairy 5

Mount Royal Mint can also create you a portrait of your own beloved pet, which I’m rather tempted by, though being a poor student I can’t afford these beautiful luxuries, so I’ll share them with you guys. Check out the Mount Royal Mint shop on Etsy.


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