Elephant love.

elly3 watermark

I wanted to try out a bit of a messy technique so picked some brushes I never use in photoshop and had a play around. I knew I wanted to overlay some kind of tribal pattern, so looked up some African Tribal patterns and made my own using inspiration I found – alot of triangles, dots and lines. I love elephants, they are my favourite animal … I took my boyfriend Charlie to London for the day on Friday for his birthday, and one of the events I had planned was watching a film at the IMAX cinema at the Science Museum. It was a film called ‘Born to be Wild’ about orphan elephants and orangutans, and was narrated by one of Charlie’s favourite actors Morgan Freeman. It just rekindled my love for elephants. When I was younger, when all girls my age wanted to be ballet dancers or popstars, I wanted to live in Africa and look after orphan elephants and children (though I did have a stage of wanted to be a popstar of course, who wouldn’t want to be a popstar when you were a fan of Britney and the Spice Girls!). I think I’m slowly reverting to my childhood dreams of living in Africa and helping the endangered wildlife out there. So he’s a cute little illustration I just whipped up.


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