My A Level textiles designs.

In AS level we were taught that putting our samples we had created onto existing clothing was a good way to show off your designs. Our teacher had taught us to print out a photo of our design and cut it out to fit a model from a magazine. I however thought of a different idea and used photoshop to transfer my samples onto catwalk dresses. Not only did this look good, but it helped to see how our samples and design could actually be used on a garment.

before after1

My project was based around Paris as I’d recently visited it and therefore had loads of primary research in the form of photos. Here is a lino print of Notre Dame, which I then coloured round in pastels.

before after2

I also focused on the details of the Notre Dame stain glass windows. This was a paint on fabric with some areas embroidered.

before after3

I also had to convey inspirations from another artist or designer in my work, so I picked Raoul Dufy, this is one of his famous paintings about the ‘Casino at Nice’. I painted a replica of the painting onto material.

before after4

This was a fabric collage representing the famous Sacre Coeur, a Roman Catholic church in Paris.

before after5

Finally a piece based on a photo I took of the Eiffel Tower sparkling but out of focus (the photo can be seen here ). I used giant sequins to represent the bokeh style out of focus lights and used a leather trim to create the iconic Eiffel Tower shape.



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