Missing Alfie, and all things ‘home’.


This is my gorgeous dog Alfie, he’s a Scottish Deerhound and he’s currently at home with the rest of my family … (I’m at Uni 2 hours away) but I’m going home in 5 days and very much looking forward to annoying the hell out of him with millions of cuddles.alf2

He has the most gorgeous eyes, and this is one of his favourite spots … the end of the garden watching cows in field, sniffing the wind and watching families playing in the park.


Beautiful eyes again.alf4

Last time it snowed I got a great picture of Alfie getting annoyed that I wasn’t playing and barking at me. But the whole mid-bark photo with the snow spraying up really makes him look like a werewolf, or at least very wolfy … quite a contradiction to his soppy, sleepy self.




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