Collection of fashion-y photos.

clothes show

Max, a quite famous model now, modelling for Tommy Hilfiger etc, you’ll probably see him in alot of adverts in Vogue. I tweeted him this picture and he tweeted me back saying it was awesome, what a nice guy! aha.

clothes show2

More stunning Clothes Show models, I think I just got the perfect moment here as she stopped to pose and the light falls so well that her cheek bones look amazing. I actually like the out of focus audience in the background as it gives the photo a backdrop, and tells the story better.

clothes show3

On an art trip with school one of my friends wore really cute shoes, and when we were waiting for everyone on the steps of an art museum it looked kinda cool.

clothes show4

2011’s ‘Induction’ party at my Sixth Form, one of the girls wore these gorgeous heels, and the photo looked really cool when I tried to make it look like a photo from a film camera, who’d have thought it was from my little Canon EOS 45oD.

clothes show7

A girl meets a guy on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York city. Caught this photo just after the couple had greeted each other as I’d just left the museum with my friend Zach. Her tattoo was too good not to photograph.

clothes show6

If looks could kill? Sneaky zoom lens photo of a guy on his phone in Central Park. Back before OBEY had got overly famous.

clothes show5

Finally another Clothes Show shot … I’m not 100% about this photo and I almost didn’t add it into this set of photos, but I love the material. The model was swishing it around as she walked down the runway. So the photo stays.


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