Jo Wilder.


I managed to grab my friend Jo to be a model for some photos, I used my local church as the location for the shoot because around the back of it there is a gorgeous mossy Wisteria that grows up the church and a lot of ornate carved archways.


Jo had recently dip dyed her hair pink, I like this photo because the pink of her hair and her lips really pops out.


The sun was streaming through the stain glass windows and I took the opportunity to position Jo in front of them in the chapel area of the church to capture the spooky light making her almost a silhouette. I love the writing that’s picked up on the marble flag stones in the front of the photo.


We then had a quick outfit change and went out into my village to the old red phone box that use to be in my drive way. I used a really nice Photoshop action on this photo called ‘Colorized’ which brings out the red of the postbox and the pink of Jo’s hair whilst making the other tones of the sandstone wall and her jumper really creamy and pale.


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